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Throughout our service area there are many rental properties. However currently there is no “one stop shop” site to find rentals available. Some current resources include national sites that charge landlords to list and facebook marketplace and groups that customers have to seek out and repeatedly search cumbersomely. Local property management companies have their own websites and market themselves. On this page, we will endeavor to list all the local property management companies, local independent landlords (if they want), links to places you might find listings, etc. We hope this page will grow into at least a jumping off page where those seeking rentals can find where to look. Input welcome. Below you will find a form landlords/managers can fill out to get information added to this page.

Dedicated page for Pratt rental properties can be found here:


McPherson Landlord Association site – Rent McPherson – –– has current available rentals that landlords manage locally.


Leu+Co Properties

We currently manage 14 properties with a total of 117 units. We do allow pets, each property has different criteria for pet approvals. 95% of our properties are in Hutchinson, but we do have a few properties in surrounding communities.

Elite Property Management

Manages numerous rental properties including apartment complexes in Hutchinson.

Windy City Management

Windy City Management, LLC believe that the process of finding a place to live doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Moving to a new home or apartment in Hutchinson, KS should feel like an exciting adventure, not a dreaded ordeal. Sit back, relax, and leave the hard work to their team of experts.

4Results Property Management

4Results, Inc. Property Management is a full-service management firm dedicated to providing the best rentals possible to our community of Hutchinson, Kansas. The properties we manage for owners and investors include apartments, half duplexes, houses and concrete storage units. We strive to offer great service to both owners and tenants.





Rock Rentals

Rock Rentals manages over 200 residential units in Reno County, and has been voted Best of Hutch Top Property Manager for six years in a row.



Local rentals offered by individual landlords

Contact information has been provided for local landlords. They may or may not have vacancies at this time. This list is provided as a resource only. Prairie Land REALTORS does not have any responsibility for accuracy and does not monitor, evaluate, or endorse anyone listed.

Social Media rental listings

Note: Prairie Land REALTORS does not monitor, post, evaluate social media posts. We have no responsibility for accuracy. Providing links as a resource only.

RENTAL SCAMS are rampant. Do not send money without first making sure the property is actually for rent by viewing the inside, verify the person renting it is in fact the owner. Various versions include posts for properties that are actually for sale and the scammer lists  them for rent, asks for deposit money via an app/online/wire without first showing you the property. Some will tell you to go by and look in windows. If there is a REALTOR sign in the yard, call it to verify that is in fact for rent.



Homes for Sale and Rent in Hutchinson


Reno County (KS) Rentals

National rental aggregators/ listings

Note: Prairie Land REALTORS does not monitor, post, evaluate or endorse. We have no responsibility for accuracy. Providing links as a resource only.

Zillow Rental Manager is a advertising platform. Landlords may pay to display here.

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